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ADMIN July 23, 2013 1 What to know about your hair / Hair Types

Closures are one of the most revolutionary techniques in Hair weave history. They help you achieve a more natural full head weave. Closures are most commonly attached onto a cornrow base by securing around the perimeter. HairEveryWhere Lace Closures Top Piece is an essential for a truly undetectable weave. It is designed with a durable lace base to enhance the finished look of your weave. It has a medium density for most natural look; it is free styling so can be parted in different directions. The hair has been double knotted for durability so can be so can be used several times!


Silk-Base Closures means the Base of the closure is Silk

ADMIN July 23, 2013 3 What to know about your hair / HairCare

***These products are known to cause severe dryness and tangle hair:

  • Herbal Essence Shampoos, 2in1, and Conditioners
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  • Organix Moroccan Shampoo/Conditioner (blue bottles)

  • Unknown.jpg

ADMIN July 23, 2013 What to know about your hair / Hair Types

What is the difference between the Elite hair and the Regular hair: well the regular hair is from adult donor's and its still quality virgin hair that can last 6 months to a year, but will need daily hair care in order keep your hair looking and feeling great! while the ELITE hair is from younger donors which have not been exposed to as much sunlight nor harmful chemicals. The Elite hair is very soft and carries a 30 day warranty on the product (if all steps are followed as in the Hair Care Section)

ADMIN July 23, 2013 FAQ / shipping and tracking.

After you order, HairEveryWhere will take 48 business hours (not including weekends) to process your order (confirm credit card and verify card holder identity). After your 48 business hours processing it will take 7-10 business to receive your package, you will receive your tracking number on or before the 7th business day, all order placed after 6:30pm EST are considered placed the next business day. ** Orders in 1b color and color #1 normally ship faster**




Lace closure can not be expressed shipped

ADMIN July 23, 2013 1 FAQ / shipping and tracking.

Awaiting Fulfillment: This status on our website, and does not have anything to do with your order, this automated status.